Aron Harris created his blog, Dad Rock Dad, to tell his unabashed story of life as a father, a husband, a son and a friend. From these roles, he’s eager to not only share what he’s learned but also to develop partnerships with pertinent brands that match his own and make life better. As a content creator who often has a camera in hand and a way with words, Harris isn’t afraid to state his opinions with eloquently spicy and authentic language. He covers topics such as parenting, relationships, social responsibility, urban living and being the ‘old guy’ at the club show wearing earplugs.

What is a Dad Rock Dad? Aron describes it like so:
Dad Rock Dads still go see club shows but never forget to bring their earplugs. They spend more time putting together a playlist for the brunch they’re hosting than the time it takes to cook it. Their go-to uniform may be boots, a band hoodie and well-worn jeans, whenever possible, but are happy to slide into a jacket and tie. They’ll listen to Black Sabbath with headphones on, Run The Jewels with their friends and Taylor Swift with their kids. They may have a late night jam with their going-nowhere band but can still get up the next day to whip up pancakes for the family. Dad Rock Dads care, about people, animals and the planet because that’s what The Clash, Bob Marley, Rage Against The Machine and Public Enemy taught them.

Join Aron as he shares a life of learning and understanding, seeks out an ever-broadening set of skills as a parent and mixes this all with sense of humour and the spirit to rock out.

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